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National Police Week

Did you know that some of my favorite images, you will never see?  Images that spark emotion, depth, controversy, pride, and a plethora of other feelings will never make it to the public eye.  In my career, I have had the great pleasure of photographing men and women of law enforcement, and a few K9’s

How To Sell Your House

So, you’ve evaluated your finances, thought about your lifestyle, and made the big decision to sell your home. Maybe you’re downsizing because the kids have finally left the nest, or you’ve gotten a job in a new city and need to relocate, or maybe you’ve just retired and want to head south to warmer climates. Whatever

Gathering Your Wedding Details For Your Photographer

Wedding details are one of the things that I adore as a photographer, and coming up with creative ways to photograph them. These images are the beginning of their albums, part of their slideshow or video and set the stage for the aesthetic of the rest of their big day. Because of this, I have

(Photography) Practice Makes Perfect

It’s a saying you hear all the time, “practice makes perfect.” Does it really? I can tell you that, from my personal experience, it might not make me perfect, but it sure does help my photography. I’m one of those types of people that loves to learn new things, whether a new recipe, new back