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Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

Hi, I am Mandy, a professional photographer for over 10 years based west of Seattle, on the Olympic Peninsula.

As a young teenager, I needed to register for an elective. The only opening was a beginning photography class, so I took it. If you had told me then, that I would be a professional photographer, running my own business, I would have bet anything that you would be wrong. Good thing no one posed that question to me because I would still be paying off that debt today.

Palouse Wedding Photographer

One of the things I love most about photography, is my ability to see the world from a different lens, no pun intended. I have several decades of refining my skills to capture stunning and compelling images of what I see. It is rewarding when I present my clients with prints and watch their expressions as they see themselves as they have never before.

Currently, I am an instructor teaching photography to teenagers at a local school. Funny how things circle back! My dedication to my students, and desire to encourage them to make masterpieces of their own, led me to secure donations to purchase camera bodies and lenses for the school.

As a lover of animals and owning several, I have added pet and animal photography as part of my offerings. There’s nothing like capturing your pet’s personality and being able to have that keepsake.

Many of my clients say that their experience with me is fun and enjoyable. I like to let people be themselves while guiding them ever so slightly to capture the best image possible. I love being creative and going the extra mile to make sure your images are the best.

Brandon, Studio Manager

If you have been to our studio, or had an event photographed by us, chances are you have met Brandon. Brandon is a military vet who served in the Air Force as a Crew Chief, stationed in Misawa, Japan. While he was never really interested in the art of photography, Brandon has always been interested in all things techie. After moving out to Washington following his military service, Brandon found himself in a job he knew he did not want to grow old in. An opportunity was presented to learn how to run the studio, lighting and editing. Under the tutelage of Mandy (a.k.a. Mom), Brandon started learning all of the finer points of Studio Management, commercial and real estate editing and has become a phenomenal lighting technician.

Keep an eye out for Brandon as he transitions into more field work and public facing roles.

Member of Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s International and Professional Photographers of America.

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